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+40 21 601 3428

Here’s to the ones in love with greatness, the ones that are always looking for more, relentless in their obsession for perfection, the eternal hunters of the new.

Discover ARISTOCOOL with its beautiful geometry, the refreshing architectural contours, the spectacular decors that will become part of your important conversations, your memorable dinners and relaxed get-togethers.

Meet this almost utopian mix of two worlds:

Indoor – lobby location : Classic, and simultaneously contemporary.

Outdoor – garden location: Exquisitely elegant, and yet fresh.

Secluded, although just in the middle of the city.

You want it all? You have it all: a state-of-the-art indoors and outdoors double bar, gorgeous pool and all types of cocktails you can imagine (and some that you can’t just yet), the lobby created with insatiable appetite for interior design, and have we mentioned that our food, created by top line chefs, looks like paintings?

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