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Ginger Sushi Bar & Lounge

Ginger Sushi Bar & Lounge invite Asian gourmands to let us carry you on a trip around Asia`s best kept secrets . Whether you prefer a light & delicious lunch or want to indulge in an evening of diverse flavors, our experienced Asian chefs promise an unforgettable dining experience. We invite you to witness the […]

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The East Mediterranean serves as the hub of diverse cultures, traditions, beauty & flavors, exemplified by Sharkia restaurant. At Sharkia, our award-winning Chef has curated a unique menu that takes pride in each culture. Sharkia is where flavors come alive, and the aroma dances with our unique cocktails, mezze, grilled meats and Levantine historic hospitality. […]

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Here’s to the ones in love with greatness, the ones that are always looking for more, relentless in their obsession for perfection, the eternal hunters of the new. Discover ARISTOCOOL with its beautiful geometry, the refreshing architectural contours, the spectacular decors that will become part of your important conversations, your memorable dinners and relaxed get-togethers. […]

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Dacia Felix – Breakfast Restaurant

Good morning from Dacia Felix – Breakfast Restaurant! From the moment our doors open until mid-morning, our chefs are exclusively focused on crafting the perfect breakfast experience. From waffles to Romanian traditional dishes and our dedicated kids’ corner filled with vibrant colors and playful decor, we have got breakfast cravings covered for every occasion. Whether […]

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Try our carefully crafted pizzas, made with artisanal sourdough base – a delicious and light dough embraced by a perfectly flavored tomato sauce as a base for all the good things in life: mozzarella, burrata, parmesan and prosciutto. For the wanderer who loves new flavor pairings, try our Polvere di Stelle di Fico or Fiori […]

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NAMI beach club & more

Dive into luxury at our exclusive Beach Club in the heart of the city at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest. Sip on handcrafted cocktails, savor gourmet delights, and mingle with the city’s elite as you bask in the vibrant ambiance of our stylish poolside setting. NAMI Beach Club is Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest’s proposal for an […]

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